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Neil Nolte

Genre: Christian nonfiction          

How do you find your ideas for a book?

I accredit most of my ideas to genetics.  You see, most people think linearly.  However, those unique (and often bizarre) ideas we have, tend to reside in a cloudy area just outside those linear thoughts.  Because my thoughts tend to be loopy, my mind will sometimes bump into those ideas, hiding within that cloud, safely out of the reach of normal thinkers.

What have been some of the biggest helps for developing your writing skills?

By far, my greatest aid has been brutal honesty.  “Whoa!  Was I awake when I wrote that?”, I would think to myself.  “That’s a pile of garbage.”  This is what I love about writing.  No one is counting so I can rewrite something a dozen times to get it just right.  Or, at the very least, make the pile more presentable.

Of course, recognizing good writing comes from reading the works of good authors.  A good nonfiction author will present unique ideas in a manner which is easily understood while not boring their readers.  I dare say, of the three, the last seems the most elusive.

What kind of research goes into writing your novels and how much time does it take?

To start with, I spend two to three hours a day studying the Bible.  This practice has benefited me in more ways than biblical knowledge.  That’s because, certain areas of biblical interpretation have a great deal of room for alternative viewpoints.  When scholars disagree on interpretation, whether that be biblical text or empirical evidence, we must find out why.  It makes no sense to conclude you’ve found the best hill to build your house upon if you haven’t looked at the others.

What has been your most rewarding moment as an author?

I gave an ARC (advance reader copy) to a friend for review.  One night, with his mother-in-law babysitting, he and his wife went out on a date. When they returned home, they found her reading my book.  She had made it through three chapters, pen in hand, still reading and taking notes.

What made you consider writing in the first place?

I heard someone talking about leaving something behind for their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, to know more about who they were.  My mother had recently passed away and left us with a one page note she had written years before.  That struck a chord as it seemed to me that each of us is worth far more than a single page.

What is your goal/dream as an author?

The goal of most nonfiction authors is to change the world.  We see a problem and have a desire to share what we believe is the solution.  A desire strong enough to spend years of our lives on.

As a Christian, I have no ambition of changing the world.  I’ll leave that to God.  As His servant, however, I want to do my part.  My goal, then, is to honor my Lord and help others to know Him better and to love Him more, as have I.


Neil Nolte is a self-taught Software Engineer, a self-taught singer/songwriter, and a self-publishing author.  Currently employed by the manufacturing software company Predator Software, Neil is the lead developer of the company’s application which controls fully automated manufacturing cells.  He has also programed and taught some of the robots used in the cells which are controlled by his project.

Moving beyond his technical skills, Neil’s passion lies within the pages of the Holy Bible, the topic of his nonfiction books.  Like his other accomplishments, his theology is self-taught, learning from pastors and theologians both past and present and from his dedication to reading sections of the Bible at least a dozen times in as many days to familiarize himself with the passage he’s studying.

Neil serves as the Sunday Director of Operations at River Rock Bible Church in Georgetown, Texas.