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Special Event: Write a Book How To A-Z

2:00 – 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 27

Friends Room, Georgetown Public Library

Join San Gabriel Writers’ League panelists and ask all the writing-related questions you’ve wondered about. Experienced authors, editors, publishers, and an illustrator will be available to field your questions. Attendees will have a chance to query the entire panel, and later visit with individual panelists. Appropriate for all levels of writers ages 16 and above.

In addition to the panel, there will be drawings for FREE BOOKS and a FREE 2023 membership in San Gabriel Writers’ League.

All are welcome. The event is free and open to the public.

As as service to our members, SGWL provides the following information, but does not sponsor or endorse these events.

Historical Novel Society North America conference, June 8 to 10, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas. More at

Past Contest Winners

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2023 Spring Writing Contest
Fiction Winners
1st Place (tied): Christine Aramburu, “Alice’s Diner”
1st Place (tied): Kathleen Sutphin, “Hattie and Whisper”
2nd Place: Kris Thompson, “Three Daughters” excerpt
3rd Place: Caryn Cross Hawk, “Like Father Like Son”
Honorable Mention: Barbara Freet, “The Great Dance”

Non-Fiction Winners
1st Place: Elizabeth Weaver, “Virginia Jane”
2nd Place: Kent Cummins, “I Want to Be Like Houdini”
3rd Place: David Dupree, “A Physics and Trigonometry Score from the Roof of Science Hall”
Honorable Mention: Richard Thielmann, “The Lack of a Sense of Humor”

2022 Fall Writing Contest Winners
1st Place – Ken Stubert for “Frank and Clarence”
2nd Place – Kris Thompson for an excerpt from “Three Daughters
3rd Place – Jackie Hunt for “Keep Your Distance”
Honorable Mention – tie:
Bud Lester for “The Silence of the SAMs”
Linda Sagley for “A Christmas Miracle”

2022 Spring Writing Contest Winners
1st Place – D. A. Featherling for “Flames Rising
2nd Place – K. F. Stubert for “Telling Time
3rd Place – Tie:
Caryn Cross-Hawk for “Hurricane David Is No Match for Us
Marjorie Anderson for “The Missing Suitcase
Honorable Mention – Martin Shelton for “The Bluff

January 2022 Writing Contest Winners
1st Place – Kris Thompson for “Gone
2nd Place – D. A. Featherling for “Cactus Kid to the Rescue
3rd Place – Linda Sagley for “The Island Bird
Honorable Mention – Tie:
Sidney W. Frost for “Taking Time to Say Goodbye
K. F. Stubert for “Blink, Blink

SGWL Author Nominated for Pushcart Prize

Local author Teresa Lynn has been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize for her freestyle poem “Lines.” Lynn is a member of San Gabriel Writer’s League and is the senior editor at Tranquility Press, a local publishing company.

We had a great time at the 2022 Christmas Brunch, which included entertainment by magician Kent Cummings.