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A professional editor/author will critique the first five double-spaced pages available ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS, for an additional fee of $25.00 per submission (payable on the “Events” page of the SGWL website.) Critiques will be online, using the “Track Changes” function of Word. The editor will review the first five double-spaced pages. You will be notified if you get a critique. If all critique spots are filled, the $25 will be refunded. Payment should be made at the same time as the regular entry payment and submission. You must enter the contest in order to qualify for a critique.

DISCLAIMER: Critiques will be made by professional editors and are only those individuals’ opinion and not that of SGWL or its representatives. SGWL cannot discuss results of the critiques with the author.

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To pay by check, send to our Treasurer at the following address:
San Gabriel Writers’ League
P.O. Box 323
Georgetown, TX 78627