Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to these winners of the “Tell Me a Story” Middle Grade writing contest from the Georgetown ISD!

1st Place – Tristan Hammit


Today is graduation day. We will fight to the death with a sparring partner. The winner will graduate from survival school. We also get to choose the weapon we use. I will use my broad sword and throwing knives. It combines melee attack with range. I hope I don’t die. (Click here to continue reading.)

2nd Place – Addison Coles


The day was March, 3, 1941, that’s when it all began.

“Hey, Lanie wake up,” Robin said.

I looked over at her. My brain was still fuzzy with sleep, and my eyesight was a bit blurry.

“Ro,” I said groaning, “why are you waking me up at this time in the morning?”

“Look, out the window,” she said.

Slowly, I got up and peeked out the window. There was a train, and it was stopped on the railroad by our house. It looked shabby and run down, but I could see people inside the train cars. (Click here to continue reading.)

3rd Place – Emily Morales


After munching down her entire muffin, Allison Davis decided to look at the weather forecast for the day. The app said that today would be the 14th 100-degree day in a row. “Yes!” Ally exclaimed. Whenever the heat was completely unbearable, Ally would go to the library as an escape. The library was two blocks away from Ally’s apartment, so it was a great place to hang out during the summer. Ally quickly finished her muffin and ran upstairs. She scurried to her closet and threw on the first sundress that she could find. Next, Ally told her mother that she had planned on spending the day at the library. (Click here to continue reading.)

4th Place, Honorable Mention – Emmalynne Arita


It was December 7, 1941. I was just a 6-year-old girl when Japan bombed Hawaii. My family and I were so scared of what could happen. In fact, it was a frequent conversation at the dinner table, but daily life must go on. Some time had passed since the bombing, and we began to adjust to our new normal.

Until the bomb was dropped.    (Click here to continue reading.)

5th Place, Honorable Mention – Eli Jansen


“Stop that Drow!” the Shaman snarled with his gravely Orcish voice.

Two of the three escorters of this Orc Shaman, dressed in thin dark plate mail armor and holding well-crafted spears the size of themselves dashed after me.

I’m generally quick footed so they were not gaining. I turned into an alleyway bumping into a merchant apple cart, knocking the entire display to the dirt road. I then realized my mistake. It was a dead end. The two escorters ran and cornered me into the alley. They were in an offensive position and I was aware they would attack. (Click here to read more.)

Left to right: Emmalynne Arita, Tristan Hammit, Eli Jansen