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David Ciambrone

Genre: Mystery Adventure Novels

What has been your most rewarding moment as an author?

Being asked to speak at writer’s conferences and at quilt guilds, prompted by my series The Virginia Davis Quilt Mysteries.

What kind of research goes into writing your novels and how much time does it take?

A lot. You have to know a subject pretty well to use it in a story. Also, it helps to write

about places you have actually been in order to capture the feelings, sights, smells and character of it.

If you could offer one piece of writing advice to a novice author, what would it be?

Get in a critique group.

How often do you write, and do you have a strict routine and writing plan?

When possible – daily.

Have you ever based characters on real people? Give us a couple of examples.

YES! Donna in the Virginia Davies series is a real woman and friend who lives in California. Camille, in the newest novel, is a friend here in Texas, and I used a real police captain in another series.

How do you find your ideas for a book?

The Internet, newspapers, friends, other books, experiences I’ve had.


Sage Award 2008

Texas Mystery Book of the Summer award 2009-San Gabriel’s Secret

American Academy of Environmental Engineers 1998- Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon (non-fiction)


Dr. David F. Ciambrone, ScD, FIOF, is a retired aerospace/defense company executive, scientist, professor of engineering, forensics consultant and best-selling, award-winning author. He lives in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Kathy. He has published twenty-five books (including the Virginia Davies Quilt Mysteries), both fiction and non-fiction, written two newspaper columns and numerous technical journal articles.

Dave speaks at writer’s groups, schools, colleges, libraries, quilt guilds, writer’s conferences, and international business/scientific conferences. He is a member of Sisters in Crime, San Gabriel Writer’s League, Writer’s League of Texas, Mystery Writers of America, and International Thriller Writers.

President Clinton appointed him a U.S. Treasury Commissioner and to the management board of the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). Dave is a Fellow of the International Oceanographic Foundation, has a Bronze Trowel Award from the Archaeological Institute of America, and is a member of the Order of Merlin of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


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