The mission of San Gabriel Writers’ League is to encourage and help member writers of all ages and skill levels, through educational programs and networking, to achieve their potential in creating the written word.

We carry out our mission in several ways, including:

  • Holding informative monthly meetings on the writing/publishing process.
  • Encouraging participation in constructive writing analysis groups
  • Providing information about area conferences, seminars, and workshops
  • Conducting our own seminars and providing tips on various writing topics
  • Partnering with area organizations to promote literacy and provide aid within the community

We are an informal, personable, and friendly mix of beginners, intermediate, and advanced authors working in all genres. Editors, illustrators and publishers also participate and often share their expertise. Everyone is welcome!

Our mailing address is:
San Gabriel Writers’ League
P.O. Box 323
Georgetown, TX 78627

2023 Board Members

President: Dorothy Featherling
Vice-President: Ken Stubert
Secretary: Linda Sagley
Treasurer: Caryn Cross-Hawk

Special Volunteers
Community Relations: Cate Allbright
Special Projects: Linda Thornton
Zoom Administrator: Dave Dupree
Historian: Nell Newton
Webmaster: Teresa Lynn

Founding History

The San Gabriel Writers’ League began in 1989 when Lois Parker explored with Ingrid Lansford the idea of founding an organization in the Georgetown, Texas area, similar to the Austin Writers’ League. Ingrid had organizational experience, and having just finished a graduate degree, she had time for such a venture.

Following the initial planning session, they called Jheri Fleet, then Director of the Austin Writers’ League, for help. She guided them with practical advice about such things as meeting place and level of dues, then gave them a list of Austin Writers’ League members in Williamson County and suggested contacting them. She encouraged them to set a date for a first meeting, inviting local AWL members and others. Lois Parker offered her home for the first meeting, writing a letter of invitation which Ingrid typed and sent to nearly 60 people. On April 17, 1989, thirteen people laid a foundation for the organization that grew into the San Gabriel Writers League. Those founding members are Mary and John Fenoglio, Jeane Hutson, Morton King, Ed and Ingrid Lansford, Mary Loescher, Elizabeth Moon, Elaine O’Brien, Lois Parker, A. W. and Martha Tieken, and Roma Weirich.

Morton King suggested the name, “San Gabriel Writers’ League.” The group decided to remain informal, with members rotating the jobs of “convenor” responsible for the program and “scribe” to record minutes. Later, Pat Ball took on the job of treasurer to collect the nominal dues, becoming the first to hold that office.

Membership quickly grew beyond the original thirteen people. In the beginning, members gave presentations and workshop-type programs, but by the second year, speakers from outside the group came to share their expertise.

In 2001, SGWL qualified with the State of Texas and the Internal Revenue Service for tax exempt and nonprofit status as a 501(c)3 organization. Our EIN is 74-2929087.