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Lisa Greinert

Genre: Non-Fiction

What kind of books do you enjoy reading and how often do you read?

I am currently enjoying memoirs in hopes of learning how to write an engaging piece. I’ve been reading ever since I was seven years old when the bookmobile came rolling down my street every summer. Those books allowed me to enter worlds that were nothing like my own.

What made you consider writing in the first place?

I started writing after a life altering experience.  My hopes are that my story will allow others to recognize their power and internal strength to overcome. Writing is a definite art and not something that can be done overnight. It is an act of love, a definite learning experience and wonderfully therapeutic.

Did your formal education or upbringing/background prepare you in any way to write?

My parents told me two things; get your doctorate or write a book. I knew I would do one or the other because I always did what I was told. I went as far as my master’s degree and started on my doctorate but was too far into a career and kids to add it to my list.  I bet my parents never considered that they would be in my book!

What has helped/hindered you in deciding to begin the writing process?

It’s hard work, especially when you failed to pay attention in English class because you were more interested in the boy sitting next to you. My writing is currently just the therapeutic part, getting the information on the page.

Does the idea of writing energize you or exhaust you? Or both?

Definitely both. I love the act of writing and the ability it brings to sort through my thoughts. Whether my writing will ever be good enough to publish, we will see.  Just the act of writing itself is priceless. What exhausts me is trying to hold on to all the new information without it entering one ear and speeding out the other like a driverless bullet train.

Who is your favorite author and why?

Stephen King was my favorite author throughout my younger years because of his ability to bring me into his weird made-up worlds since he has a gift for putting words on paper and some incredible strange story begins to unravel. What an art.


Lisa’s career spans thirty-five years as a high school and middle school administrator, special education teacher and adult probation officer.  Her career paths have allowed her the gift of seeing into the worlds of others.  These experiences, along with her own, continue to lead her towards writing and searching for the perfect words to help others find ways to overcome life’s difficulties.

She has been married to her best friend for twenty-eight years. She has two amazing grown sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and a grandson who provides her with constant joy and wonder.

Since her recent retirement, she has filled her time with joy. This includes her family, new grand pup, art projects, friends, and writing!  Retirement allows her to enjoy her passion for learning and creating.

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