2023 Speakers

DiAnn Mills

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January 5: Gordy Sauer, “Research in Fiction”

February 2: Amy Deardon, “Understanding Your Options to Publish”

March 2: Lee Carver, “When Real Life Meets Fiction, Writing Your Autobiography”

April 6: Janice Thompson, “Facebook Marketing Strategies”

May 4: Sarah Hamaker, “Using Your Expertise and Enthusiasm in Articles, Blogs or Books”

June 1: Deborah Raney, “Writing Cinematically”

July 6: Jennifer Slattery, “Creating Characters that Grab Your Readers”

August 3: Richard Santos, “Understanding and Formatting the Novel Synopsis”

September 7: Carrie Turansky, “Flipping the Switch”

October 5: Becka Oliver, “The Agent Search: Setting Yourself Up for Success”

November 2: Dani Pettrey, “The Romance of Writing a Novel”

December 7: Sandra Jackson-Opoku, “The Art of Adaptation”

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