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Diane Klutz

Genre: Nonfiction

What has been your most rewarding moment as an author?

Several years ago, I was invited to my grandson’s elementary school for a career day workshop. My group was 4th and 5th graders. I first talked briefly about my book (Round Eyes: An American Nurse in Vietnam). Next, we did a story creation activity and then questions and answers. One student came up to me afterwards and told me her granddad was in Vietnam and another told me his mother was in Afghanistan and wore combats boots also. And then several others talked about family members who were overseas and that they were worried. It was at that moment I realized how important sharing our stories can be to not just ourselves, but to others, as well.

If you could offer one piece of writing advice to a novice author, what would it be?

Treat your writing like you treat your job-seriously. Schedule time and stick to that schedule.

How often do you write, and do you have a strict routine and writing plan?

Unfortunately, I do not adhere to my plan as I should. Since I am retired, I find it harder to find time to write. At this point, I set aside weekends for me and work weekdays on my craft. I am doing better with creating a writing plan, and that helps to focus.

What’s the best piece of writing-related advice that you’ve received?

I was in the midst of my doctoral studies when one of my professors told me to be prepared for someone to kill my baby—meaning my writings and that critical reviews hurt-deeply. But also, to not get bogged down in criticism; simply learn how to use it to improve.

Do you have your books edited, critiqued, and/or beta-reviewed? If so, what is your usual procedure?

I definitely have my books edited, critiqued, and beta-reviewed. My latest book I used several different editors (two of which were paid). My typical procedure is to free-style write, edit, write and edit more. After I complete a segment, I ask folks to read and give feedback. I continue that process. Once I finish, or what I considered finished, I give to an editor. That always results in lots of revisions. Even after I am completely on the final revision, I still find things I would like to make better.

What genres appeal most to you as a writer?

I love stories and the truer, the better so I guess non-fiction is my genre of choice. But I want to expand to fiction-so that will be my next venture.


Diane Klutz is a proud Vietnam Veteran, wife, mother, grandmother, college professor, and author. After completing her commitment to the Army Nurse Corps, Diane worked and studied her way through undergraduate and graduate school, post-graduate certification, and finally at the young age of 59, attained a Ph.D. in Nursing. Although Dr. Klutz assumed many roles as a nurse, her favorites were practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner and teaching nursing at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas Woman’s University in Denton, and Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. Diane resides in Sun City, Texas with her husband, Stephen, their two Cocker Spaniels, and one cat. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, and being with her friends. Martini Alley and Other Swashbuckling Adventures of a Certified Klutz is Diane Klutz’s third book. Her first, Round Eyes: An American Nurse in Vietnam is now its second printing.

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